Ruth Pearce

How can this be? It defies description. SUCH TALENT! What a gorgeous jig saw puzzle this would also make. {This must take a tremendous toll on hands, arms, back, eyes.}

Oliver Hazard Perry Ship setting sail

Mari Kosik Aubuchon

Beautiful and so evocative! I can almost feel and smell that golden warmth of summer.

Tree of Life Web

Sam Jones

Over-the-top labor of love..unlimited patience..love and patience equal beauty..

Liza Gonzales Goya

I actually thought that was a photograph! Beautiful art work! I embroider also but you’re in a whole ‘nother level!

Twisted Tree
Sloth Eating Leaves



You are soooo gifted with talent and patience. This is astounding embroidery !!!!! I wonder how many days it took until completion!


Laura Adams

I’ve never seen an embroidered piece with this much detail and looking like a photo. I can’t believe it only took u 40 hrs, would have guessed more like100. This is really intricate and u did an amazing job!!!


Linda Hawk Novotny

Just unbelievable! How do you have the patience? You certainly have the skill and eye for it. It truly looks like an underwater photo.


Patricia Romans

This is the kind of embroidery art I was recently describing having seen being created in Shanghai-so luminous and living!

Pat Furgison Ronk

Beautiful ! Looks like a painting.

Bhagavat Maharaja

Capturing an image from the world and replicating it on canvas, in sculpture, or as you have done here, with embroidery is always fascinating to me. I have neither the talent nor the patience to do any of it. So I greatly admire anyone who can reproduce nature in art.

Like a true artist, you have given your composition depth, texture, and balance with exceptional attention to details that appear truly amazing to me considering the medium. Congratulations on an excellent presentation.

Lori Brown

Wow! You have taken embroidery to a totally new level. Beautiful work.



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