About the Artist

David Poyant

The term “mixed media” is used to describe artworks composed of a combination of different materials. My art combines High-Definition Photos with hand stitched embroidery thread to create the finished piece of art. 

My name is David Poyant, and I didn’t follow the traditional path to becoming an artist. My background is in shoe repair/custom orthotics.  I worked the trade for 20 years and then completed my working career in retail. What do I do now.  Always one to be working with my hands.  I remembered my mother, sitting in her chair, knitting, cross stitching,  embroidering, always stitching.

So, with no formal training, I picked up my needles, embroidery threads, and a stretcher at Michaels and started sewing.  But what do I sew? I decided to find photographers who would allow me to embroider their photos and I haven’t stopped stitching them.

I have a series of animals at the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford.  These were my first attempts with animals.

I invite you to review my embroidery and I would love to hear what you think.  You can reach me at dpoyant@comcast.net.

Each piece depending on the size will take me 25 to 60 hours to complete. Each stitch is made by hand. No machine or computer is ever used.

Please contact me if you are interested in personal, 1 of a kind embroidery.

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72 Park Drive

Acushnet, MA 02743


(508) 985 - 3033