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Artwork comes in several forms, including paintings, pottery and sculptures. But one medium that often goes overlooked is embroidery. Fortunately, we're here to share its beauty with you. David Poyant Embroidery creates one-of-a-kind pieces like you've never seen before. Whether you want to add a pop of color to your home or display a realistic-looking landscape, we have everything you could need.

Want your unique idea to come to life? We accept custom work. You can call 508-985-3033 today to learn more about our prints and services.


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Learn how our master embroider got his start.

About Me

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Copies for Sale

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Add a beautiful landscape or portrait to your home.

Originals for Sale

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Find out what we have available

Our goal is to make embroidery purchasing available to everyone. That's why we offer a few different shopping options. You can purchase:

  • Original work: We have several originals for sale, depicting scenes like a mountain range, red panda and twisted tree
  • Custom work: We accept submissions for custom pieces, either with your own photo or one from Unsplash
  • Copied prints: We sell copies of our originals, available in several sizes and frame styles
You'll be amazed at how realistic our pieces look. To find out more about our creation process, get in touch with us today.

Why choose David Poyant Embroidery?

When you shop with us, you can guarantee you're getting a unique piece every time. Each one of our embroidered paintings are hand-stitched with no machines involved. Every stitch is carefully placed with consideration in how to make the most realistic- looking painting possible.

Want to see our pieces in person? You can visit the Buttonwood Park Zoo to see eight of our pieces for yourself.